EOS Holding

EOS Holding is a strategic holding company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its purpose is to coordinate and represent the interests of its stockholders, the principal electric companies of French-speaking Switzerland – Romande Energie SA, Groupe E SA, the City of Lausanne, Services Industriels de Genève and FMV SA – in activities based on two main axes:

The development of a new French-speaking Swiss platform producing new renewable energy, as a foreign extension of the shareholders’ activities in this field and as a synergetic complement to their activities within Switzerland, particularly the production of deep geothermal energy. With an objective of 1 TWh of green energy production in wind turbines and ground-based solar farms, EOS Holding is one of the Swiss leaders in the field. The management of assets in Alpiq, the foremost energy group of Switzerland, results from the merger between Atel and EOS in early 2009, of which EOS Holding holds 33.3%.