Strategic objectives and activities

The activities of EOS Holding today are based on two principal axes: a wind and ground-based solar energy production platform abroad, and asset management in Alpiq Holding, the foremost energy group in Switzerland, of which it holds 33.3%.

EOS Holding thus fosters the development of new renewable energies, and in particular wind and solar energy, in which it is investing by acquiring farms and power plants in France, Germany and Portugal.

This is the background for the development of a French-speaking Swiss platform specialising in the production of new renewable energies, as a complement to the Switzerland-based activities and as an extension to the foreign activities of the stockholders in this field. The objective is to acquire and develop 1 TWh of green energy production in wind and ground-based solar power abroad. Moreover, it is also funding two deep geothermal energy projects based in Switzerland.

Foreign subsidiaries of EOSH are in charge of the operational, administrative and financial management of these new renewable energy installations: EOS Wind France & II (wind farms in France), EOS Wind Deutschland (wind farms in Germany), and EOS Solar and EOS Portugal (solar farms in France and Portugal). In all, this portfolio represents an installed capacity of approximately 449 MW for an annual production of 0.76 TWh (2016) with 192 wind turbines, 9 solar farms and 7 greenhouses, making EOS Holding one of the Swiss leaders in onshore wind production and one of the top 15 European groups in the field.

The activities of EOS Holding also include the development of synergies among its stockholders through projects of common interest, as well as research into new technological solutions. It was to achieve this last objective that the partnerships with the EPFL and the HES-SOs were established in 2010, and that assets were acquired in SIRESO, which holds just over 5% of the national electrical transport network company, Swissgrid.